A Bed for a Tesla Model Y

This modification provides extra comfort and space when sleeping in a Tesla, but it’s a bit more work. For about $100 and week-end worth of work you can transform your car into this:

Tesla Model Y with bed platform in the trunk
Tesla Model Y with a bed platform in the trunk.

The two rear boards are the original OEM floor boards, the front is custom, and covered with automotive carpet. It’s close enough to the Tesla carpet, and typically covered by the mattress. The front seats are in my driving position in this picture (I am 6′) and can move further forward for extra space at night. If you need the front seats all they way back for driving, you can lift the front of the bed.

But Why?

The Tesla Model Y rear seats don’t fold completely flat – a problem not just for stomach sleepers. You can remove the rear seat cushion, but it’s a bit more involved, a bit more noisy, and you need a place to store them.

Folding down the rear seats only gives you 72″ length, which may not be enough, unless you are a single person that can sleep diagonally.

Also, the OEM floor boards are not supported in the middle of the platform. The maximum weight allowed by Tesla is 132 lbs (according to the manual). I worry that 300 lbs. of passengers will eventually bend them.

So I built a platform to get a flat, wide, stable, two-person bed in the back. If you want to make your own, check out The Making of the Tesla Model Y Bed.

Adding Bedding

With a nice flat platform I can now put a minimal mattress on top. In my case, a 1″ latex full size mattress topper. I got some black sheets and two black duvet cover, a full size to protect the mattress, and a queen for a duvet. It works as well with sleeping bags.

Installation Procedure

It’s really straight forward and takes a few minutes.

  1. Remove trunk floor boards (and cargo liner, if you have one)
  2. Fold second row seats
  3. Drop in frame pieces
  4. Replace trunk boards (and cargo liner, if you have no place to store it)
  5. Install custom panel
  6. Install mattress on top
  7. Throw in duvet and pillows.

Storing the Frame

When not in use it takes little space to store. If I need extra passengers, everything fits into the trunk of the car, and I can still have 3 people in the rear seats, but lose the rear view mirror. It’s not optimal, but typically there are only 2 of us. In the garage, the flat board, the two frames, and the two additional support bars take almost no space.

The platform is built from 2×3 lumber and a a 4’x4½” plywood board. I first planned to just paint it black, but then splurged on automotive carpet. In addition to the small lift to make the bed flat, it also provides extra support across the span. The OEM boards are not supported across the span.

Total cost less than $200: $40 for lumber, $50 for the carpet to wrap the lumber, $10 spray glue, $60 for the (latex) mattress, $20 for the duvet cover to protect the mattress.

I do support the platform on the front of the rear seats (a rolled towel on each side works) as it otherwise sometimes triggers the seatbelt sensors. It also makes the front board a lot more stable, for a better night’s sleep.

If you want to make your own, check out The Making of the Tesla Model Y Bed.

Last Updated on March 14, 2022.