Global warming is real. Pollution is real. We must stop making and buying fossil fuel burning machines and switch to electric. We also must green the grid and stop burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. We can do all of those today, there is no excuse. It’s time to switch.

The good news is that green technologies are already winning on economics alone (and quickest in the capitalistic United States). In addition, green technology also generally outperforms established technology, e.g. solar and wind outperform coal. Still the old ecosystem is digging in and defending to the last man standing (yes, it’s primarily (old) men).

It’s not just large companies, but many small businesses and individuals are threatened by this, including the people sitting in the little booth at a gas station day and night, to those changing engine oil for a living, to plumbers who need to learn how heat pumps work. There are million of livelihoods at stake. The change is unavoidable, but we need to make sure everyone comes along for the ride.

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Louis Perrochon