Can you get there with a Tesla?

Below is a list of all superchargers (2022) with 95 mile radius circles. If two circles overlap, the distance is less than 190 miles (as the drone flies). Roads of course are longer, and there are some considerable elevation differences between certain superchargers. But anything colored blue is reachable (there and back) with a Tesla with supercharging only. If two circles touch, you can drive between the chargers (unless there are no roads…)

Superchargers with 95 miles circles. Source:


  • Highway 2 in North North Dakota and North Montana. Crossing MT and ND on Highway 2 is not going to work with Superchargers. Cold winters, and winds are not going to help either.
  • 95 North in Northern Idaho.
  • 50 and 93 in Central Nevada, all around Ely. The Ely Supercharger will open this whole pocket up. Target opening is Q3, 2022.
  • 54/400 in Southern Kansas. Going West from Wichita requires a detour North or South.
  • Central Texas. Lubbock has a service center, but not supercharger? Target opening is Q1, 2023.

Suboptimal Circumstances

The above diagram gives you a good overview where you can travel in the US even in suboptimal circumstances like very cold/hot weather or towing a trailer, or going at or above the speed limit. If you have a 300+ miles EPA rated EV, the “real world range” may drop considerably, but unless all of the above combine, or your trailer is heavy and large, you likely are above 150 miles real range.

Frequent Charging

The fastest way to charge an EV is to charge from single digits to about 50% more frequently, rather than from single digits to 100%. Doing two stops of 10 minutes may be faster (and healthier) than 1 stop of 30 minutes. 150 miles distance between super chargers give you a 15 minute stop every 2 hours (on western highways).

Last Updated on December 27, 2022.