Home Electricity Usage

The following graphs look at our home electricity usage over the last three years. We currently have a time-of-use (TOU) plan, which means we pay a lot more for electricity between 4pm and 9pm. 3pm-4pm and 9pm to midnight are shoulder periods, with a bit less. Off peak is from midnight to 3pm, and less than half of the cost, so we try to use that whenever possible.

The overall observation is that total electricity usage went up about half, from 15-20kWh/day to 30kWh/day. There are few contributors to this.

  • We got the Tesla end of May 2020, and the off-peak usage doubled. Luckily we can charge it when it’s cheaper.
  • In March 2020 we went into lockdown, and suddenly had 5 people at home 24/7, on computers for much of the day.
  • 2020 was also a hot summer, and we probably ran the AC more often than in previous years due to us all being at home all the time. We didn’t travel either, so no extended periods of low usage like in 2018 and 2019.
  • Fumigation is a fun data point: we had huge fans running over a period of three days.
  • Just recently we replaced our gas-burning water tank with a hybrid electric heat pump. The spike in the graph is the initial heating on the first day. I can’t wait to see this graph one year from now. The heat pump will further increase our electricity usage, but at much reduced gas use. Initial data does show a drastic drop in gas usage, which is not surprising as we don’t heat through the summer.

Vacation use is about 8kWh/day. Most of this is the fridge.

Last Updated on July 30, 2021.