Tesla Road Trip Checklist

After a few road trips I started making a packing checklist specifically for electric road trips. Below is the annotated version of it. Everything marked with [Camping] only comes along when I am actually sleeping in the Tesla.

Middle Subtrunk

  • 50 Amp Extension Cord – in case I can’t park close to an RV hookup. Maybe because I share with a site that has already an RV parked. Never used.
  • 12V Tire Pump – so I don’t have to go to gas station just for air, and in case of a slow leak. Or dropping pressure for a beach. I use this to get tires back to spec (including my other cars)
  • Jack Pads – in case the car needs to be jacked up, and the mechanic doesn’t have proper Jack pads. Never used (yay!)
  • Front License Plate Holder – in case they are needed (California allows license plate stickers on the front)
  • Face Shields – in case I need to get closer to someone than I chose. I got these because of the pandemic, and might as well carry them around. Never used.
  • Roof Sunshade (unless installed) – it can get really hot in the back without it. In Summer, I have it installed, in winter, it’s stowed away.
  • Tire repair kit – in case I get a flat and flatbeds are not readily available. Never used (yay!)
Picture of Road Trip Supplies (2021 version)
Heavy duty extension cords (50A, 20A), air pump, jack pads, tire repair kit, Tesla Mobile Connector and Adapters (14-50, 5-15, 5-20), RV-30 -> RV-50

Rear Subtrunk

  • Cooler. I have both a cheap passive cooler, and a 12V operated one. I got the biggest I could find that fit for my purpose. I wanted to store a stove on top of it when going camping. I did for a few trips, but it wasn’t a good setup, so I no longer do.
    If you just want to keep groceries cool for an hour or two, a passive cooler has more space (and is cheaper). You can also keep the car at 60F. But if you want an ice cold beer at the camp site after a day of hiking, the 12V rocks!


  • [Camping] Bed: 2 bed frames, one bed board, 2 spacers – I built a bed frame to make sleeping more comfortable. This is totally optional.
  • [Camping] Mattress, Blanket, Pillows
  • [Camping] One duffel bag each for personal gear. They go on the front row seats at night.

Trunk Left Well

  • Windex, Paper Towels, Tissue – to clean the windshield when charging. Much better than the gross sticks at gas stations.

Trunk Right Well

  • A gallon of water, or keep it empty, for shoes at night – recently, I started putting shoes into the rear footwell, as discussed at the end of the Sleeping in your Tesla article.

Rear Footwell

  • Pandemic Box (Masks, Sanitizer, Gloves) – this seems valuable even after the pandemic, but maybe need not have priority access.
  • [Camping] Stove – I tried on top of the cooler, but it slides around and scratches the cooler. It’s back in the footwell. I have a two burner, which is a bit bigger than I’d like.
  • (Optional) Kites, Frisbee – haven’t found a super charger yet with a grass field next to it, but these are great on a beach.
  • [Camping] (remote only): shovel and bucket – when boondocking this is a must.


  • Camping Kitchen Box (pots, pans, cups, plates, etc.), Propane (away from the interior) – it should be save to have the propane in the car, but if you have a frunk, might as well use it.
  • Mobile Charging Kit and Adapters – to be flexible for charging
    • 110V 15A Adapter – your standard home adapter
    • 110V 20A Adapter – I have one for home charging, might as well bring it along.
    • RV 50A Adapter – for campgrounds and RV parks. This is the most used adapter after super chargers.
    • J1772 Adapter and lock ring – Not sure if the lock ring is needed. It prevents the J1772 from being stolen.
    • 110V 20Amp extension cord – I use this at home, might as well bring it along.
  • 110V 15 Amp Male to 20 Amp Female – This allows me to use the 20 Amp extension cord for 110V. I have to limit speed manually
  • RV-30 male to RV-50 female – to turn an RV-30 receptacle into an RV-50 and then use the 50 amp extension cord and RV-50 adapter and. I have to limit charging speed manually.

Glove Box

  • Tire Pressure Gauge – more convenient and accurate to check pressure in the mornings than hooking up a pump.
  • Small tripod/selfie stick – I have one, but often forget it, so now I store it in the glove box.
  • Insurance and other paperwork. Front License Plates. In case someone asks to see the metal plates (I have a sticker plate).
  • Printout of instructions for transporters (tow truck) from online manual. So I can hand it to the tow truck person if they have no Tesla experience – or supervise them
  • America the Beautiful window hang tag – when pass needs to be hung in wind shield. Not strictly needed, but the pass comes with one, so might as well use it.

Center Console Front

  • Taptes Hub (with SSD, charging 2 android up front)
    • 2 x USB-A to Lightning (to power iDevices up front)
    • 2 x USB-C to USB-C (to power androids from the back or spare front C. Or connect the sentry SSD to a laptop)
    • 1 x USB-C to Lightning (to power iDevices in the back)
    • 1 x USB-A to USB-C (if needed to connect SSD with an old laptop)

Center Console Back

  • Flashlight (Gearlight S2000), spare batteries (should really have rechargeable batteries that are kept charged by the car).
  • Reflective Vests
  • FastTrack tag (northern CA)
  • Spare Glasses
  • 12V to 2 x USB-A adapter.


  • Water Bottles
  • Maps and Books
  • Masks

Last Updated on June 12, 2022.